Texi on Roof Advertising

Texi on Roof Advertising
  • Why advertise on digital taxi tops?

Digital taxi tops are delivering the latest innovation in outdoor advertising - digital advertising that is constantly on the move, achieving mass exposure and maximum engagement. Critically for our advertisers, digital taxi-top advertisements are:

  1. Eye-catching – command attention from all around with our bright, mobile display

  2. Measured – monitor your ad’s exposure and performance with regular reports delivered directly to you

  3. Affordable – delivering at a low cost per impression, this is a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes

  4. Adaptable and efficient – reach more of your target market with optimized exposure

  • Reach the people that matter with targeted advertising

City Screen has the perfect solution to help businesses large and small optimize their advertising output and reach the people that matter. Whether you’re looking to promote your coffee during the morning commute, or targeting high street shoppers during peak times of the day, we can help you reach the people that matter.

Our solution responds to various triggers which you have complete control over, meaning you decide exactly where, when and to whom your message is shown.

  • Our highly-targeted solution broadcasts your ad according to:
  1. Location / geo-targeting

  2. Time and date

  3. Temperature and light conditions

  4. Demographic

  • So what can you expect to get in return for a targeted advertising campaign with our digital taxi tops?
  1. Advertising that is more relevant to its audience

  2. Less advertising wasted on the wrong audience or poor weather conditions

  3. A more effective campaign that delivers better ROI