About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Citiscreen is creating a global platform that empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses with stores and retail outlet by providing full stack technology that increases earnings and eases advertising operations. Bringing affordable and trusted Branding that help businesses get their outdoor ad campaigns live instantly.

We strive to make the lives of our storefront partners easier by multiplying revenue channels and using our technological expertise to maximize demand.

For Brands

Our Best Services

Our best services include three type of outdoor digital signage, that helps brand reach a variety of audience at their targeted time and location.

Digital Banner

Retail partners digital banner helps brand advertise their product at to the targeted audience grabbing their attention easily.

Digital Hoarding

Digital Hoarding are independent hoardings on roadsides,addressing the attention of the pedestrians as well as motor vehicle travellers.

Digital Taxi on Top

Powered with AI camera that counts people driving on road, this display advertises your brand 200 km per cab in a single day.

Oue Retail partners Testimonials

What retailers say

Our Retailer Partners are happy to see that not only their traditional banners are being turned into digital but also they get to advertise and earn through this digital banners.